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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tagawa's Salutes Red Hawk Ridge Artists

     There's plenty of talent at Red Hawk Ridge Elementary school just north of Tagawa Gardens.  The mural just outside our front entrance is proof!

     Before they broke for the summer, Miss Rose's 5th grade art class at Red Hawk put in a lot of time, planning and hard work to create the mural at Tagawa's.   More than 100 students were involved in all aspects of the project, including the choice of a theme.

     And that theme is a perfect greeting for our guests as they enter Tagawa's:  "Plants give us...."   As the mural says, plants give us joy, beauty and health and so many other good things.

     The young artists sketched out drawings to illustrate their theme and then did all of the painting themselves.


   We salute the students and Miss Rose, their enterprising teacher!  Take note of the colorful mural when you visit Tagawa's, and know that there's a very talented bunch of young gardeners, environmentalists and artists who made it possible.



Monday, August 5, 2013

A Look at Plants to Come

     You know the "Hardy Boy" line of plants.... the folks with the "Red Hot Pots?"  They're a favorite here at Tagawa's.  Not just because it's been a Front Range family-owned business for decades, like Tagawa Gardens.   And not just because they offer top-of-the-line, locally-grown plants.... about 300-million every year.  And not just because they have some of the nicest people you could ever meet, which they do.  But for all of these reasons, and more!

So what's new from Hardy Boy for 2014? 

     Glad you asked!  Welby Gardens, the retail side of Hardy Boy, held their annual flower trials this past week.   People from the "green industry," growers, landscapers and greenhouse folks from independent garden centers like Tagawa's, were invited to judge more than 600 plants.  Each of us was allowed to vote for out ten favorites.  (The results are still pending....)

     The dozen or so folks from Tagawa's who attended the Welby Trials had a hard time picking their very favorite plant.  There were so many!  But I did manage to get most of the Tagawa crew to take on this challenge:  "If you could take home just one plant, which one would it be?"

     Their choices are included here.  See what you think!

Welby Gardens Trials
Begonia "Solenia Orange"


Rudbeckia "Gold Rush"
Geranium "Lavender Rose"

Euphorbia "Star Dust:

Celosia "Intenz"

Petunia "Rose and Shine"

Geranium "Dynamo Salmon"

Angelonia "Archangel"

Lobelia "Bella Oceana"

Begonia "L.A.X."

Our expert production staff at Tagawa's will be comparing notes over the next few months to decide which plants our customers might love the most!