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Monday, March 4, 2013

The roses are coming! The roses are coming!

     Mark you calendar now!


                               TAGAWA GARDENS

                               FRIDAY, APRIL 19           

     If you've never been to Tagawa's for our Night of Wine and Roses, you're in for a treat!  Four-thousand bare-root roses have been planted by the Tagawa production crew during the past two weeks.  In that short time, these dormant plants that came in looking like gnarley sticks have already begun to sprout.  It's almost as if you can watch them grow!
     Four-thousand additional roses started by other growers will also be coming in soon.  And by early April, Tagawa's rose department will be wall-to-wall color.  Shrub roses, climbing roses, hybrid teas.  It's a sight to behold!!

     But be advised:  None of
wa's roses, not a single one, will be sold before the Night of Wine and Roses.  No exceptions!  Our average last frost along the Front Range is mid-May.  Taking good care of a potted rose 'til it can be safely planted outside requires T.L.C.  For the roses' sake, mid-April is the earliest we'll let them head out into the "real world."

As if 8000 roses isn't enough, the Tagawa family will be your hosts on this special night, personally offering wine from Balistreri Vineyards, gourmet   and their sincere thanks for nearly thirty years of amazingcustomer loyalty.

     I'd urge you to mark your calendars now for Tagawa's Night of Wine and Roses.    Whether you'd like some new roses for your garden.... or just want to enjoy a wonderful, colorful evening surrounded by beautiful plants.... the Night of Wine and Roses is a lovely and exciting way to celebrate the return of spring. 


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