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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't Miss Chihuly!

     The Chihuly glass exhibit now at the Denver Botanic Gardens is about half-way through its five-month Denver stay.  If you haven't seen it yet at least once, don't put it off.  This stunning exhibit should not be missed!

Glass + Gardens = Amazing!

     The work of international glass artist Dale Chihuly is beautiful in its own right.  But Chihuly's meticulous placement of the pieces throughout the gardens at D.B.G. turns the plants and the glass into a sprawling 24-acre work of art.  Chihuly says he wants his glass sculptures to be organic, as if they're as much alive as         the plants surrounding them.  He's a master at doing just that.

Light and Time of Day

     People who've seen the Chihuly exhibit more than once say the sculptures almost seem to morph into different forms, depending on the light....  looking one way in the morning, a different way in the afternoon.  And on most  dates in November,  the Denver Botanic Gardens has scheduled night viewings, with special lights accenting the flowing colors and curves of the glass pieces. 

Mark you Calendar

     The Chihuly show will be at the Botanic Gardens until November 30th.    Like any great exhibit, the crowds will no doubt swell as that closing date approaches.  I'd urge you to make a point now to plan a visit to the Gardens.  Make it a priority on your "acitivites" list.... maybe something special when friends or families get together.  Or simply treat yourself to this amazing display.  It's fantasy and art and the science of glass all rolled into one amazing